Success Stories

Barnabas Ajayi Picture


I’m Barnabas, and I currently work as a digital marketing intern at TinklingD and I major in digital campaigns and copywriting.
I recently graduated from the University of Ibadan when I came across TinklingD Academy for the months of March and April. I registered because I wanted to improve my knowledge of digital marketing which I first heard about in my final year in school. I joined the academy, registered for the digital marketing track and that was the beginning of it all.
Before I joined the academy, I was a newbie in the field of digital marketing, but now, I get to train small businesses in the art of digital marketing. I learned not just marketing, but also the rudiments of business development and consumer behavior. The list of what I have learned so far would only make this list long so I would stop here.
There is only one reason why I would tell you not to apply, and that reason is if you don’t want to learn how to grow and develop a business, become a digital marketer, and make more money for yourself. Otherwise, opt right in before it gets too late. Also, you get to meet me in person.

Oluwaseyi Esther Image


I am Oluwaseyi Esther Osatuyi. I currently work as a content writer and a digital marketer at Termii. I joined TinklingD Academy as an undergraduate in the University of Ibadan in 2016. Earlier, I was a broadcasting intern, a writer and an  editor on campus.

In 2015, I attended Google’s DigifyByte session anchored by the team from TinklingD and there, I heard about TinklingD Academy. Meanwhile, I had been looking out for the opportunity to learn about content writing before the DigifyByte session. Then, at the session, TinklingD Academy presented content writing as one of her course contents and I believed it was an opportunity that I couldn’t forfeit even though it came with costs (money and time).

Honestly, the training afforded me relevant digital and management skills, strengthened my network of professionals, exposed me to team work, planning and proper presentation. At the academy, I had the privilege to work on live projects on a team, planned and prepared my personal presentations and wrote exams such as Google Ad Words for qualification – unique traits that make the Academy more credible.  

Most importantly, the team at TinklingD Academy were superb. They wouldn’t stop checking on me even on the job to ensure I was doing quite well. They made me discover that I have strength for managerial roles.

If you have found out about the Academy and you have decided to join the train, you’re reaching a milestone. The course content, the professional trainers and the learning environment will spur your creative and innovative mind to action. 

I would love to read about your success story at and after the Academy and make you a reference point for potential students. I wish you a fantastic learning experience!


Firstly, my name is Eunice Oyebanji. Being fresh out of the A Level school, I was talking to a friend about how bored I was being home doing nothing when he introduced the academy to me and I decided to give it a trial.
Life at the academy for me was a new experience. Before joining, I had the mindset that I was just there to “while away the time” before going to school since I didn’t have anything better to do.
However, at the academy, I learnt the importance of teamwork, dedication, focus and having a goal. With experienced and dedicated tutors who weren’t just teachers but “friends”, I was able to do more than just “while away the time” but learn something that’s going to be of value to me while in the university and throughout my life.
At the academy, I was in the Digital Marketing class and I learnt how to write “kick-ass” content, track users journey on a website through Google Analytics, SEO, SEM, to mention but a few. One thing that I also enjoyed was that we were introduced to real life experiences, so it wasn’t just theory but we practicalised every aspect of the training, even paid advertisement!
Overall, learning at TinklingD Academy was Awesome with a capital A!

Anuoluwa David


Hi, I’m Moyinoluwa Anuoluwa David Enirayetan, a Physicist by training, Inspirational writer by gifting, Servant-leader by calling… and a CREATIVE DESIGNER both by skill, and by trade.
I had just graduated from the University of Ibadan (January 2017) with a B.Sc. certificate in Physics and was awaiting my NYSC service year to begin when i saw TinklingD Academy ad on Instagram after which I applied and eventually was accepted into the Academy on Scholarship, with the aim of sharpening my skills on Graphics design.

I must say, although I knew quite some stuff on graphics design, the Academy added some cool flavour as I learned from more experienced tutor, Jesudetan Onasanya. After the training, I was offered a 3 months paid internship opportunity as a Brand Associate intern, which spanned from March – May 2017, before I was called up for my service year in June 2018.
During the internship period, I really enjoyed working with an incredible team of forward-thinkers, given the role of designing social media DPs, banners and logos (my favourite).
Moreover, during my internship, I, alongside other team members, were exposed to opportunities to learn beyond our areas of strength, one of which was the Google Digital skills of which I have earned my certificate.
One of the things I really appreciate TinklingD for is the welfare. They aren’t just interested in the work done, but the persons getting the work done as well. Also, the good times of eating suya, coolie-coolie (kuli-kuli), Temi’s rice and spaghetti and … playing FIFA with the guys. Oh boy!!! Talk about work-life balance.
Really, TinklingD has been a blessing to me, sharpening my creative, communication and thinking skills; which were of great help to me when I was employed as the Creative Director at Skills patron (June-December 2017).
Brand name: Jotham’s Creations.

Seun Olarenwaju


My name is Seun Olanrewaju and I am a Digital Marketing professional with core expertise in paid acquisition, email marketing and content development. I am currently the Ibadan Service Centre Manager at Sponge Limited, a mobile-first Digital marketing agency.
Before the academy, I was the Business Lead at, an online health media company. I found out about the TinklingD Academy cohort from a very close friend of mine. I enrolled for the Digital Marketing track.
Learning at TinklingD Academy was pretty insightful. The knowledge I gained from the academy has formed the basis for everything I know today about Digital Marketing. Prior to the academy, I didn’t know anything about running ads, and marketing in general. I learnt all these and more at the academy and I am better for it today.
For those considering whether or not to join the academy, I feel it’s really a no-brainer. The tuition fee in no way measures up to the wealth of knowledge to be acquired. I advise that you take action now and while in the academy, be diligent.