Digital Marketing skills has now become the gold coin of Nigeria’s labour market. Companies, from SMEs to corporations, are always on the lookout for online marketing experts to help them achieve growth – more awareness, more sales.

The opportunities are just wide. And we’ll like to help you become one of the professionals that qualify for these jobs.

TinklingD Academy is a unique school of digital experience aimed at creating digital experts out of everyone willing to learn. Our classes are handled by experts at TinklingD Digital Agency, who have created and implemented marketing strategies for various companies. 

You will agree that our universities don’t prepare us for job requirements of today. This makes most graduates unemployable. But you know what? If you fall into this category, this training is all you need to turn things around.

If you’re wondering how true this is, here’s what our ex-students have to say.

In this particular cohort, our goal is to train 20 people online in core digital marketing – social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, email marketing, and Google Ads

It’s a one-month training, which will run online. And if you pass the certification in all these, we have a job waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?
  • Individuals who would love to build a career in digital marketing, and get international certifications for their skills

  • Young professionals who would love to work at the comfort of their home

  • Individuals who desire practical knowledge of digital marketing

What do I need to get qualified for the training?

Nothing serious! All you need is a working laptop and internet

What can I expect to learn at the training?

The training will cover the intricacies of Facebook and Instagram advertising, email marketing, inbound marketing, and Google Ads – which are all the pillars of digital marketing.

Is this your first time holding a training like this and how effective it is?

This is the 3rd year of TinklingD Academy running, checkout out our success story page right here –, and our success story video here –

You promised a job. How guaranteed is that?

You can be rest assured of getting a remote job with us after the training, but you have to earn the required certification.

What will happen if I don’t pass the exam?

It only means that you won’t get a job with us. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be qualified to take up other jobs in digital marketing.

I’m a student. Can I also attend?

Yes, the training is meant to equip attendees with core skills in digital marketing. That also prepares you for gainful employment after graduation. Interestingly, you can even get our remote job while in school.

Why is the training so cheap?

This cohort of TinklingD Academy is our way of giving back to the society, and raising the employability index of Nigerian youths.


N35,000 ONLY

Class starts June 4, 2020