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Full study in web and app development as well as detailed and hands on experience

What is the TinklingD Academy?

TinklingD Academy is a unique school of digital experience aimed at creating digital experts out of every willing enthusiast. With over 50 students graduating from the academy and a 90% success rate, it’s one of the most prestigious learning centers in Africa.

Certified Experts

Get certified by experts who have been recognized by their expertise.

Hands on Project & Practice

Theoretical knowledge is more effective when it is put into practice which is why TinklingD offers real life projects for you to learn from.

Continuous Assessment

We believe everyone has a unique talent, we follow your passion and lead you right to where opportunities via regular tests and exercises.

Internship Placement

From the past sessions, we have recorded 90% of our students getting placed in an internship after which they follow on to becoming employed full time or go straight to start their own business.

Wholesome Experience

You won’t only just come to learn, you will actively participate in community projects adding places to the map, volunteering in events and lots more.

An Internationally Approved Certificate

The Certificate you earn from your final exams are internationally approved. They validate you as as a professional in the major you have chosen.

Are You Ready...

To challenge yourself and come out shining & smiling with confidence that you will secure that job or start up your personal business and projects?

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Programs & Cohorts For 2019

Advanced Digital Marketing Academy Ibadan 2019 Cohort 1 Ibadan,
Nigeria (July 15 - Oct 12, 2019)
Digital Marketing Intermediate Academy
Johannesburg, SA (July, 2019) - PAID


Enroll to the Ibadan, Nigeria Cohort II - Advanced Digital Study

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